Dansville School District


  Dansville, Michigan is a small town in Ingham county of 500+ residents, approximately 95% of which are white.  There is one elementary school, one middle school, and one high school in the Dansville School District.  All three schools fall into the lower half of schools when it comes to their statewide rankings.  Dansville Elementary is ranked 727th out of 1493 schools and the high school is ranked 471th out of 814 schools statewide.  Schooldigger.com gave them all 2/5 or 3/5 stars.  There are only 16 non-white students at Dansville Elementary and 10 non-whites at Dansville High School.  Gender is not listed on School Digger but I would assume that there isn’t a significant gender gap in this small town.

  If I lived in Dansville, I think I would choose to send my children to another school district.  Okemos High School is within ten miles and is ranked 14th in the state.  It is slightly more diverse with only 70% whites and has much higher ratings in test scores.  Although Dansville is a decent school, when it comes to educating your children I think it is acceptable to switch school districts.  It would be inconvenient to drive to another city for school, but I think it would potentially lead to a more successful future for students and would be worth the extra effort.


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