Women in Congress

   It’s not hard to notice that women have always been ridiculously underrepresented in government.  We were close to electing a female vice-president, but have never been anywhere close to having a female president.  While woman governors to exist, they are not abundant.  Women represent over 50% of the U.S. population, so why are there so few in power?

   We have created such a patriarchal society in America over the years that I think its going to be very difficult or impossible to create a perfect 50/50 gendered government.  We have made incredible progress since women gained the right to vote and women entered congress, but I think society fears female power.  We have trusted in male leaders for so long that even women themselves doubt the abilities of women.  I think that female underrepresentation is a very bad thing for our society.  We have already seen issues about women’s rights for birth control and abortion appear, and I believe worse things have the potential to surface in the future.  The majority of congress members voting for birth control rights were male.  Is this really benefitting the female population fairly?  I definitely know we need a lot more female power in government, but the question is how we get to that point.  Not as many females are interested in getting involved in government, and we need to change that.


One thought on “Women in Congress

  1. I really like the point that you made about getting females more involved in politics and government. I think that is a very crucial point that you made. We need to start getting young girls more involved and interested at a younger age. If we start preparing them at a young age, then they will have the resources and knowledge they need to uphold those positions when they get older.

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