As far as the gender division within the feminist movement, it is still very apparent. Hooks raises several facts in examining this gap. Women have so far, in a way, made feminism “women’s work.”  It can be easy to believe that only women can understand the gender gap in society, but we cannot gain equality if men remain the powerful group.  Bell hooks is saying that we must unify and acknowledge our diversity rather than exclude men from feminist activism.  Separatism didn’t work in the 80s because women can’t do this on their own.  We did accomplish a lot without male help in the past, but at this point in time we need both genders involved in the feminism movement.  Today, compared to the 80s, feminist women are much more accepting of men in the “ranks” of feminist protest and activism.  I don’t think that we can get much further with gender equality in the future without the help of men.  Even though men do not experience the discrimination women feel in the world, they do have eyes and they can see what is happening.  Research proves the gender gap and the glass ceiling to be true and men can’t ignore it any longer.  Feminists have said that they “don’t need a man” in the past, but we do need them now.  We need them to stand next to us in this fight. We need them to be our “comrades” in this fight.


Iron Jawed Angels Pt. 1

 I personally really enjoyed the first half of Iron Jawed Angels on Tuesday and don’t know how I’ve never seen it before!  I think that high school history classes would really benefit from showing movies that actually interest students rather than boring monotone videos that come with ancient textbooks.  These women are putting their lives and careers on the line for women’s suffrage.  These women, referring to Lucy and Alice, and their rebellious spirits contrast the actions and views of the conservative older women in the film.  The younger women are pushing for a constitutional amendment to gain women’s right to vote, but the older women believe in a slower state-by-state approach.  Obviously the elder women are from a less radical generation than the younger women, but I think if I was in their shoes i would side with the radical approach.  I think that in order to be heard you have to make a big impact and force society to pay attention to you.  Even if most of society, or in their case most of the society with power (men), disagrees with your views and goals, at least they’re talking about you.  Many laws are passed state-by-state and it has proven to be time consuming to get the entire country, or even the majority, on board.  I think that the “iron jawed angels” knew that women had waited long enough for suffrage; they knew that action needed to be made immediately and in a large arena. I definitely agree with this side of suffragist tactics.

American Made

  Finding clothing and other merchandise both made in the USA and made by union supported workers is VERY difficult.  In my internet searching of “american made union clothing”, brands such as UnionMade would pop up. Upon further inspection I discovered that these brands only had a few items made in the USA with union supported employees.  Even after varying my search phrases, I rarely found a website offering what I was searching for.  I read an article about a fashion designer, Nanette Lepore, who is known for clothing made entirely in the US.  She said that JC Penney offered her a fashion line in their stores, which is a store known to have affordable priced clothing.  She said that she could not meet their low price demands if she wanted to produce her clothes within the borders of the US.  This is why so much of our production occurs in sweatshops and it’s truly sad.  These sweatshops and un-unionized markets are unfair to these workers making less than 10 cents an hour in some countries.  I did, however find one really cool website dedicated to people and the planet.  Since 2002, Ethix Merch has been producing/selling merchandise made in America by union workers and never in sweatshops or unfair working environments.  While it is difficult to find these clothing items, it is possible.  If everybody in the US began searching for these companies it would definitely change things around the world, but I’m not sure if this would happen anytime soon.

DON’T pick on somebody your own size

  Reading this article about Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin was very upsetting.  Just the fact that a grown man who has been playing in the NFL for just a few years longer feels that he is in a position where he can harass, bully, and threaten another man is appalling.  The voicemails he left for Martin with sexual and racial slurs and threats to not only kill him but his entire family are way out of line.  I was shocked to read that an estimated 35% of those in the U.S. workforce today are being bullied at work.  I personally don’t understand how bullying is overlooked in school situations, so this bullying of pro-football players is insane to me.  So many players and onlookers are claiming that Martin is “not a little boy” and that he should “defend himself” and so on, but do you really think that a man who made it this far in football doesn’t know how to defend himself?  For Martin to leave the team for “emotional issues” due to Incognito and potentially other “teammates”, this had to be a pretty bad situation.  But regardless of his occupation as a football player nobody should have to deal with this type of bullying in the workplace.  You are grown ups; when will you get over your own insecurities and focus on bettering yourself instead of putting others down?  Hazing has turned into a “pay it forward” ritual on sports teams, in clubs, frats, etc. and I don’t know if it can be stopped.  These members feel that since they were hazed then everyone from then on must be hazed.  But where is the line drawn between hazing and bullying?  Hazing is generally a short-lived process, while Incognito seemed to have “hazed” Martin for quite a long time.  He was not hazing; he was bullying.  Why do these fully grown men think they are so high and mighty?  Just because you make a couple million more than a player doesn’t mean you can leave them voicemails calling them “half-niggers” and saying you’ll slap their mothers.  It’s uncalled for and it needs to be stopped. Incognito should be banned from the NFL for life; he deserves it.