American Made

  Finding clothing and other merchandise both made in the USA and made by union supported workers is VERY difficult.  In my internet searching of “american made union clothing”, brands such as UnionMade would pop up. Upon further inspection I discovered that these brands only had a few items made in the USA with union supported employees.  Even after varying my search phrases, I rarely found a website offering what I was searching for.  I read an article about a fashion designer, Nanette Lepore, who is known for clothing made entirely in the US.  She said that JC Penney offered her a fashion line in their stores, which is a store known to have affordable priced clothing.  She said that she could not meet their low price demands if she wanted to produce her clothes within the borders of the US.  This is why so much of our production occurs in sweatshops and it’s truly sad.  These sweatshops and un-unionized markets are unfair to these workers making less than 10 cents an hour in some countries.  I did, however find one really cool website dedicated to people and the planet.  Since 2002, Ethix Merch has been producing/selling merchandise made in America by union workers and never in sweatshops or unfair working environments.  While it is difficult to find these clothing items, it is possible.  If everybody in the US began searching for these companies it would definitely change things around the world, but I’m not sure if this would happen anytime soon.


One thought on “American Made

  1. It really bothers me how difficult it is to find things and how sweatshop labor is a matter of course. I wish we could pass some sort of legislation outlawing outsourcing to unfair labor conditions. Things might get tough for a bit, but then afterwards American and union-made clothing would be much more available and probably more affordable.

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