Iron Jawed Angels Pt. 1

 I personally really enjoyed the first half of Iron Jawed Angels on Tuesday and don’t know how I’ve never seen it before!  I think that high school history classes would really benefit from showing movies that actually interest students rather than boring monotone videos that come with ancient textbooks.  These women are putting their lives and careers on the line for women’s suffrage.  These women, referring to Lucy and Alice, and their rebellious spirits contrast the actions and views of the conservative older women in the film.  The younger women are pushing for a constitutional amendment to gain women’s right to vote, but the older women believe in a slower state-by-state approach.  Obviously the elder women are from a less radical generation than the younger women, but I think if I was in their shoes i would side with the radical approach.  I think that in order to be heard you have to make a big impact and force society to pay attention to you.  Even if most of society, or in their case most of the society with power (men), disagrees with your views and goals, at least they’re talking about you.  Many laws are passed state-by-state and it has proven to be time consuming to get the entire country, or even the majority, on board.  I think that the “iron jawed angels” knew that women had waited long enough for suffrage; they knew that action needed to be made immediately and in a large arena. I definitely agree with this side of suffragist tactics.


2 thoughts on “Iron Jawed Angels Pt. 1

  1. I agree! This movie was very powerful and inspirational. It is crazy to think that some of these women were our age. In my high school history classes all I learned about women’s suffrage was what it was and the date that it was passed. I never heard or read about the real life stories and experiences that women were going through during this time. I think that history books need to start including information like what was shown in the film because it is all apart of American history.

  2. I agree that I would have definitely joined the NWP. I really enjoyed the movie as well; I don’t understand why we aren’t better educated on the suffrage movement as a matter of course. I learned basically nothing about it in high school.

    I do think that the NAWSA was necessary to get suffrage, though. I don’t think that the NWP would have been as successful without them laying the political groundwork.

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